Run Out Of Video Ideas? Quick, Read This!

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What in the world should we create a video about?

Should it feature this person? Or that person? Or what about the event???

It’s a very valid thought process, but it doesn’t have to be hard or confusing. Actually, it can be fun and rewarding!

When we first started Team Trust, we weren’t sure how to stay top of mind with our audience. We knew it was important, but we didn’t know we would pull it off.

Yet, we just had to just start, and see what worked and what didn’t. I began doing videos of myself talking about disability on YouTube, and the content was based off the conversations we were having with advocates. Similarly, we started releasing these blog posts, which were also loosely based off our conversations with clients.

After we consistently created more content, we started to collect data. The data were telling us what our audience was enjoying, and what they wanted more of.

That, then, gave us a rough foundation for moving forward … all because we made the decision to just start. Sure, my initial YouTube videos weren’t great, and, sure, I wasn’t really sure why the color was so off. But it was something.

You won’t know what works until you try and analyze the data.

To give you a little boost, I have listed a few story ideas for you. We cycle through these ideas with our clients and ourselves, and it makes a massive difference. Plus, you can combine ideas to create even more content!

Why does an organization like yours matter? Tell me about the problem it solves, and add data and first-person accounts to back it up.

Your why is important. Your audience will feel comfortable getting involved in your programs, if they trust and feel comfortable with you. 😊

What matters to your organization, and how are your values present in your programs, offerings, camps, etc.?

If your audience learns about your values, you will start to attract people who share those values. They will then have something to get behind, very similar to your Why.

How did your organization come about? Why? What did it do in the very beginning?

This also dives into your why and purpose. Likely, your organization was founded for a good reason. Your founder — maybe that’s you — saw a problem, and they wanted to solve a problem. Share that story. It gives your audience a deeper sense of who you are and what matters.

What makes you qualified to serve the community? Did you spend several years in a certain industry prior to your organization? Or do you have a personal tie to the community, like the disability community?

Whatever the case may be, this video shows that you are qualified to do what you do. If you don’t have any spectacular awards, don’t worry. A personal tie will work (i.e. your brother has a disability, your dad was a basketball player, etc.)!

Who has benefited from your organization? Ask them if they would feel comfortable talking on camera about what exactly you have done for them.

This will serve as proof that you are, in fact, making the world a better place. 🌎

What does it take to run an organization? Who all is involved, and what do they do?

It’s one thing to show the end result of your offerings; it’s another to actually show what goes into making it possible. 😊 I imagine there are plenty of hard-working people in your organization. Your audience will love seeing just how dedicated and committed they are to them.

Did you significantly change someone’s life? Are you known as being the best in town?

If so, let your audience know. It’s further proof that you are awesome.

Just remember, every story should be interesting, have emotion and focused on the value you bring to your audience. They can be shot and edited on any device.

Would you like to make your next video project easier? Hop on my calendar, and we’ll get you taken care of.

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