Keep These Video Marketing Trends In Mind

People like new and cool things. Look at how many people flock to buy the newest iPhones as soon as they’re out. Or even flock to the theaters to see a new movie. I want people to feel the same level of excitement, if not more, about your organization. I want your offerings to sellContinue reading “Keep These Video Marketing Trends In Mind”

How To Make Money From YouTube

I want you to succeed and make lots of money. You’ve worked hard, and deserve to be wealthy. I know it! I recommend creating as many sources of revenue as possible. You, of course, is a very popular platform for videos, and there are “hacks” to growing your reach and wallet here. You don’t evenContinue reading “How To Make Money From YouTube”

How To Create A Video That Brings In Donations

When I was a kid, I wanted people to see my wheelchair. I wanted them to see that disabled people could do anything, and that’s why I wanted to be a play-by-play sports announcer on TV. While I no longer have announcing aspirations, I prefer visual storytelling for the same reason. I want people toContinue reading “How To Create A Video That Brings In Donations”