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When we say “Team Trust,” “Team Trust Productions” or “Team Trust Productions, LLC., we mean any and all companies and products affiliated with Team Trust Productions, LLC.

Team Trust Productions provides users training (webinars, classes, seminars, books, etc.), communication tools (articles, newsletters, films, etc.), shopping services, marketing services, social media, and personalized content.

1. Terms. This agreement applies to your purchase of any of the products offered through Team Trust Productions, LLC.

2. Liability. You agree you are not guaranteed any specific personal, professional, interpersonal, spiritual, emotional or financial result or see any specific progress through use of Team Trust Productions, LLC., products.Team Trust Productions, LLC., its members, employees, instructors, contractors, professionals and affiliated entities are not liable for any claims, expenses, costs, causes of action and consequential damages that arise from using our products.

3. Refunds. All products of Team Trust Productions are nonrefundable.

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5. Changes. Team Trust Productions, LLC., will likely adjust or amend any terms and conditions listed from time to time at the company’s discretion. If you disagree with such changes, you may stop using our products. If you continue using our products, then you agree to the new changes.

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