Nine Interview Questions To Ask For Your Next Video

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On-camera interviews bring stories to life.

They separate good videos from great ones, but we often make interviews way, way too hard.

Here’s a list of some common interview questions you can ask people for your marketing videos.

If time allows, you want to start the easier, “softball” questions, and then carefully transition to potentially more personal questions.

The questions you ask will affect the results you get.

Note, these questions are intended to elicit powerful and genuine responses that showcase the impact and significance of your organization’s work. You should adapt and modify these questions based on your specific goals, target audience and the story you want to tell.

  1. Tell me about your connection to our organization?
  2. What inspired you to get involved with our organization and mission?
  3. How has our organization’s work impacted your life or the lives of others you know?
  4. Could you share a specific story or experience that showcases the positive change our organization has brought about?
  5. How would you describe the impact of our organization’s work on the community?
  6. Could you explain why our cause is important to you?
  7. In your view, what kind of impact could our organization have on the future?
  8. Could you describe a moment or experience when you witnessed the direct impact of our organization’s efforts?
  9. What message or advice would you give to others who are considering getting involved with our nonprofit’s mission?

You’re welcome to reach out if you’d like to discuss your next video project.

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