Ryan Wilson is the director of Team Trust Productions. He helps coordinate various projects, and he drives and develops our overall strategy. 

Ryan started Team Trust after working for the Big Ten Network, United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee, and the International Paralympic Committee.

Through these organizations, he spoke with athletes with disabilities all over the world — in countries like Australia, Austria, Norway, Slovakia and South Africa.

He heard many, many stories.

The stories ranged from celebrating the success of an athletic record to grieving the loss of a loved one who did not have any accessible transportation to the hospital for vital medical care.

These stories struck Ryan’s heart, as he himself has a disability.

At the same time, he found a deeply meaningful network of friends in the disability community.

Ryan befriended persons with the same disability as his (Osteogenesis Imperfecta), and established life-long relationships with persons with visual impairments, hearing impairments, cognitive disabilities and mental illnesses. 

Each one of these relationships changed his life.

He saw the tremendous kindness embodied by persons with disabilities; he saw a remarkable commitment to giving back; and he felt their potential.

Ryan created Team Trust help mission-driven organizations reach and serve their communications. He wants to help connect people with the entities, organizations and resources they deserve too grow and flourish.

Ryan is also passionate about advocating for persons with disabilities.

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