Meet Our Director: Ryan Wilson

Ryan Wilson is the director of Team Trust Productions. He helps coordinate various projects, and he drives and develops our overall strategy. 

Ryan started Team Trust after working for the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee, the International Paralympic Committee and an Emmy-winning film crew with the Big Ten Network.

Growing up, Ryan Wilson never saw anyone who looked like me living the life he wanted.

His is a big Shaquille O’Neal fan, and Ryan watched as many of Shaq’s basketball games as possible.

But as he watched his games and dreamt of one day being Shaq’s teammate, he saw commercials of kids who looked like him and even had his disability, Osteogenesis Imperfecta, or brittle bones.

These kids in the commercials were never happy.

They were always stuck in hospital beds, wrapped in bandages like a mummy, and surrounded by friends and family as if the end is near.

Ryan knows all too well what that situation is like, and he didn’t need a single reminder.

He created Team Trust Productions to help elevate stories, people and organizations that NEED to be known, heard and felt. We want to help connect people with the entities, organizations and resources they deserve to grow and flourish.

Previous Experience

United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee

International Paralympic Committee

United States Olympic and Paralympic Museum

Big Ten Network