How You Can Change Your World With One Video

There’s a ton of potential in a single video. One video can expand your reach, bring in more clients and make you more money. It can also establish a genuine connection between you and your audience. So video marketing has become an invaluable asset for nonprofit organizations. I wanted to shed light on how thisContinue reading “How You Can Change Your World With One Video”

Three Keys To A Strong Video

You need to create content, and then create more. That’s the nature of getting your organization known and growing your mission. But you want to be careful to not publish too many low-quality videos. Videos are crucial, and, if they are not done properly, people will believe you are OK with subpar work and evenContinue reading “Three Keys To A Strong Video”

How To Avoid A Boring Video

Interviewing people is my favorite part of creating a video. I enjoy filming, editing and coordinating shoots, but interviews build connections. Asking a person who they are is powerful, even life changing. Most videos should include interviews. That could be on-camera interviews with, say, your executive director, a marketing person and, perhaps most importantly, aContinue reading “How To Avoid A Boring Video”