How You Can Change Your World With One Video

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There’s a ton of potential in a single video.

One video can expand your reach, bring in more clients and make you more money. It can also establish a genuine connection between you and your audience.

So video marketing has become an invaluable asset for nonprofit organizations. I wanted to shed light on how this medium can drive awareness, foster donor relationships and amplify you mission in the most effective way.

Captivating Storytelling That Resonates

Video marketing allows nonprofits to tell their stories in a visually compelling and emotionally engaging manner.

Most videos just a series of visuals plastered over a series of meaningless interviews that discuss how good an organization is. That is boring. It’s not going to connect with an audience. Instead, when you tell a story with emotion, you can make a world of a difference.

When you combine visuals, music and a story, you create a captivating experience that resonates with your audience on a deep level. This establishes a connection, raises awareness and inspires action among the target audience.

More Reach And More Money

Videos have become the most consumed form of content on the internet. It’s unquestionably a powerful tool for you to expand their reach and engage a wider audience.

Sharing videos on websites and social media alone allows nonprofits to tap many, many people in a short of amount. You can and should share your videos in your newsletters, in landing pages and at your fundraising events.

Campaigns with videos raise four times more funds than those without, and donors are 85 percent more likely to donate after watching a video.

Our clients have shown our videos on their digital platforms and at events and been able to raise good awareness and donations about their causes.

Building Trust By Showing You

Transparency and trust are crucial for any organization. I always give something before I ask for something, because I want to build trust first. That’s partly why I write these articles.

Video marketing provides an excellent opportunity to showcase the human impact and elements of an organization.

For example, the below video for the Lincoln Land Community College Foundation is about me. While I’d rather tell other peoples’ stories than mine, I do think it is important for our audience, including you, to learn who I am as a human being.

Authentic and transparent videos build trust and credibility with their audience, and they encourage a long-term relationship.

Creating Social Change

Every organization is created for a reason. Sure, money may have played a role, but I would imagine they have a larger-than-life mission.

Personally, I strive to build meaningful and authentic relationships between those who have disabilities and those who do not. Team Trust has a similar goal; however, we want to create similar relationships between our clients and their audiences.

Video marketing is an effective way to educate the public and spread awareness. You can address misconceptions, provide valuable insights and empower viewers to make a difference.

Plus, videos can shape public opinion and drive support for the organization’s cause. It’s huge for the disability community, and could be for you.

Reach out when you’re ready to grow your organization.

Published by Ryan Wilson

CEO of Team Trust

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