Three Keys To A Strong Video

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You need to create content, and then create more.

That’s the nature of getting your organization known and growing your mission. But you want to be careful to not publish too many low-quality videos.

Videos are crucial, and, if they are not done properly, people will believe you are OK with subpar work and even lower standards. That’s not you.

I know you want success. Here are three key elements that every video needs. Without each of these, your videos will be boring.

Show Your Heart

Inject a little emotion in your videos. That could be joy, excitement, empathy, fear, happiness or nostalgia. You will be able to create a powerful connection with you target audience.

Emotions generate a memorable and immersive experience that resonates with people, leading to increased brand recognition, and ultimately, higher conversion rates.

You connect with your audience on a deeper level, boost drive brand loyalty, and achieve measurable business results. You also give off the impression that you organization is relatable, caring and trustworthy.

Plus, people are more likely to remember your videos if there’s a little emotion.

Storytime, With You

Stories are a powerful tool to engage and captivate your audience.

There’s no shortage of content these days in commercials or on social media. Storytelling enables you to differentiate yourself and forge a meaningful connection with their target market.

Stories have this unique ability to evoke emotions, trigger empathy and create a memorable experience for viewers. They have the power to humanize brands, making them relatable and fostering trust

Aim for narratives that resonate with your audience’s desires, challenges, hopes, dreams, wants and aspirations. You’ll then be positioned to effectively communicate your value and relevance of your products or services.

On a personal note: When I was a kid, I never saw anyone who looked like me living the dream I wanted. I did see kids in wheelchairs on TV, but they were always sad and in the hospital. This created an inaccurate picture of my own potential.

Painting With Your Camera

B-roll, the non-interview footage, is important; however, evoking emotions is and will remain atop this list.

B-roll enhances the overall quality and effectiveness of your content. It helps mix up the shots and showcase different angles, perspectives and contextual elements.

When you have good B-roll, you can elevate your videos from being monotonous and predictable to visually engaging and captivating. It also provides visual variety, emphasizes key messages, enhances storytelling, and maintains viewer interest.

At the same time, people can actually see your product or service in action with B-roll. This provides potential clients with a more immersive and realistic experience.

Keep learning and practicing. Your videos will get stronger and more memorable as you.

We’re always happy to help you with your next vide project.

Published by Ryan Wilson

CEO of Team Trust

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