Have You Heard This Story About The Journalist And The Marketer?

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If you look at most of our content, you’ll catch my drift.

Storytelling is the key to great marketing, especially storytelling with emotion and heart.

Stories allow us to connect with our audience on a personal level, making our messages more memorable and relatable than a sea of numbers and statistics.

Before I started created videos and films, I did plenty of journalism work. Interestingly, I was the named the top student journalist in the state of Illinois when I was at my community college. (Here’s a story about me. 😁 )

The goal was — and still remains in journalism — to tell stories. We hear so many terrifying things in the news, but some topics won’t matter until we hear a personal stories. This personal story could have been of a local who created a nonprofit for veterans after serving in the war, or maybe a person who is advocating for changes in city government.

The stories, usually, came with something a person wanted (their intention or goal), and something that had or have to overcome to get it (the obstacle). Then, we’d want a person who could speak openly and authentically about their own lives.

The same concepts apply to video marketing.

Stories humanize your impact, and they are, yes, social proof that you are making a difference in the world. It’s hard to argue with a person telling their own story.

Plus, videos will separate you from the pack. Too many videos online consist of people talking about how good their organization is: great prices, comfortable chairs, etc.

These do serve a purpose, but they are boring. I can’t personally relate to the phrase “comfortable chairs.” I can, however, relate to a person talking first hand about how a particularly comfy chair supports their backs, and allows them to watch football without having to move much.

I hope you see and feel the difference. The biggest brands in the world certainly know how powerful a story is, too.

Are you ready to tell a POWERFUL story that brings in donations and expands your brand awareness? Hop on my calendar. We’re here for you!

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