Why Pro Bono Video Services Hurt Your Budget

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“If it’s free, it’s for me.”

Wrong! I’ve heard that slogan thrown around, and it is natural for people to gravitate toward free things. We all want to get the biggest bang for our buck, especially if we don’t have to take on any risk.

Pro bono marketing video services may seem like a cost-effective solution for nonprofits, but they can often have unintended negative consequences. In fact, those consequences can be hurt your budget.

Here’s why.

You Can Tell

While pro bono work is well intentioned, it can lead to low-quality marketing videos. The footage can be blurry; the focus can be off; the audio bad; etc.

Without the financial incentive to dedicate extensive time and effort, providers of pro bono videographers and editors may prioritize paid projects, leaving you with limited attention and resources. As a result, the final product may lack the necessary polish and professionalism required to captivate audiences effectively.

Poor-quality video is not what you need to reach more people and grow your budget. It can also undermine you credibility and hinder you ability to effectively convey its message. Donors, volunteers and supporters will turn away from your organization, and direct their attention to organizations of quality.

You can tell when organizations don’t invest in their video.

Are You In This Cycle Of Absurdity?

We’ve talked with moons of nonprofits, and they can sometimes scramble to find that one person who will videotape an event. The nonprofits are afraid of spending one penny, because they don’t believe the final product will generate a single dollar.

Unfortunately, scarcity fuels subpar results. Nonprofits, unaware of the market rates and the true cost of video production, may inadvertently perpetuate the idea that professional services are disposable or easily obtainable for free.

This creates an endless cycle in which nonprofits struggle to find dedicated professionals willing to provide pro bono services, further compromising the quality of their marketing videos.

There is no shortage of money on this planet. A strong video can teach you that.

Reach out when you’re ready to upgrade your video marketing.

We don’t work for free; however, we do offer discounted rates occasionally.

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