How To Edit Any Video The Right Way

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Videos are a force at spreading messages, engaging audiences and inspiring action.

But that’s only if you make it do so. Many organizations think a video is a series of shots and interview clips. While those elements are important, it’s vital to think through how it all comes together.

That would be the post-production stage, the stage after filming is complete. Post production is a crucial phase that demands attention to detail, creativity and collaboration. It’s where the footage comes alive, and a strong video joins forces with a story.

Let’s look at this production step, and how you can get the most traffic and cash from your video.

Gotta Lotta Footage? Get A Map

You need to solidify your objectives and key messages before editing a video. When you have a game plan in mind, you’ll have an idea as to what you’d like the final product to look like.

Your video should be about your target audience. Think about what you’d like them to feel from watching your video, and align the video’s narrative with your organization’s mission.

Ensure that the video’s structure follows a clear narrative arc, building anticipation and emotional connections with the viewers.

You Have All The Answers

If you’re unsure how to resonate with your audience, look at the data, and listen.

Your analytics from Google and social media will tell you all the answers you need. Leverage those numbers to understand your audience’s preferences, engagement patterns and social media behavior.

Analyze the performance of your previous videos to identify what works and what doesn’t. We run A/B tests all the time. We’ll test one variable — the messaging, the timing, the thumbnail — at a time, and track which element made the biggest difference.

Collaborating with a Skilled Editor

If you want different results, you need to expand your perspective. It never hurts to bring in an additional eye for the editing.

A skilled editor will piece together the footage, synchronize audio, and bring the video’s vision to life. Always be transparent with them about your wants, needs and preferences, and hold them accountable.

The editor’s expertise can elevate your video beyond expectations.

Visuals Overpower Words

You want to make sure the message you are communicating in your video is clear. Many organizations want to jam every detail in their video, but it makes the end message confusing.

Don’t make it hard for your audience. Clearly communicate how you help them, and how you change their lives. Keep it simple.

You can pay attention to lighting, sound, color grading and shot composition in post-production. These elements can communicate a message that words cannot.

Reach out when you’re ready to up your video game. You may be one video away from massive growth!

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