4 Tips To Hiring A LEGIT Videographer — Guaranteed

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By Ryan Wilson

Team Trust, CEO

You deserve better.

You deserve more.

You deserve greatness.

There are so many videographers and production companies, and I know it can be hard to pinpoint which one will be best for your project.

Often, I’m looking to pick up talent for projects, and I go through the same search process as you.

But I don’t want this process of outsourcing or hiring people to be challenging. You have other things to focus on.

So I decided to put together this list of tips on hiring people, what to look for, and how to know if they will work for you.

The goal is not pitch you on Team Trust’s services. If you want to work with us, great. If not, I’m not offended.

This list, rather, can serve as a checklist when hiring any visual storyteller.

1. If They’re Not Nice, Move On

When I’m hiring people, I am, above everything else, looking for a friendly vibe. If they are not nice, then it is going to be 10 times harder and less enjoyable to work together.

Plus, these videographers interact with people, and they need to set a positive example for you and your organization.

2. You Need Talent

You need videographers with a great track record, and the same applies for production companies.

When I’m hiring people, I look at their websites and social media and view at their work.

Does their quality match or exceed my standards?

Have they done projects like mine?

Who have they worked for?

Previous work is certainly an indication of what you can expect from anybody. Also, if their website is poor or hard to navigate, then their video work may be similar.

3. Say No To “Yes Men/ Women”

Obviously, you want people to agree with your concept and decisions.

At the same time, you need people who are looking out for your best interests. You need people who will offer recommendations on your work.

Maybe they have thoughts about the location of the shoot; the length of the video; whom to interview; etc.

Sometimes, we can be so focused on doing that one thing we don’t make decisions that are much more effective.

I’m guilty of this.

We had a shoot in Connecticut last year, and my videographer offered guidance on where the shoot should take place and why.

Had I not received his input, we would have done an interview in a tiny room.

You need people like him who aren’t afraid to advocate for a higher standard.

4. Success Is GuaranteedOr Else

Usually, there is an implied guarantee from videographers or production companies that you don’t pay if you don’t get footage.

If they are just getting B-roll for you, that is a good rule to follow. I would encourage you to go beyond those guarantees, though.

Try one or a combination of these:

– the videographer got a majority of the shots you requested

– they interviewed all the people you wanted on camera, AND each person was treated with respect

– you received the footage, or at least access to it, within two weeks of the shoot.

If you have to make an initial deposit, make sure in writing you can get that back.

Let’s say you hired a marketing agency, and it is leading a larger marketing campaign for you.

This campaign includes videos, and the agencies say it will bring you $100,000.

Is that a guarantee, or just an optimistic thought?

If the agency is serious, they’ll put make it a guarantee or your money back.

Here are the guarantees we follow.

You want people to work hard for you, and you want them to do what’s best for you and your audience.

Too many videographers take up work just for the money. I understand people need their money, but you need people who are helping you for more than just a buck.

Published by Ryan Wilson

CEO of Team Trust

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