How To Make A Video That Doesn’t Fail

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You need to develop a game plan before creating a video.

Otherwise, the video will fail. It won’t expand your brand’s awareness; it won’t raise money; and it won’t be memorable. That is a waster.

Creating a powerful marketing video requires careful planning and a well-defined and throughout pre-production process.

Let’s look into the intricacies of the pre-production process. It’s a crucial step in helping you create a great video.

Keep An Eye On Your Audience

Martin Scorsese once said, “Cinema is a matter of what’s in the frame and what’s out.”

That means the quality of final product is a reflection of the quality of the planning. This is the case marketing videos.

Before diving into the technical aspects, you need to develop a compelling concept that aligns with your organization’s mission, values and target audience. That comes with understanding who your target audience is and what benefits you bring to their lives.

The best way to speak to you audience is to tell a story that resonates deeply with them.

Map Out Your Vision

As you’re piecing together the storyline, don’t forget what the video will look like.

What will the footage be of?

Who will be interviewed?

What will the interviewees say?

I recommend create storyboards, shot lists and a production schedule that ensures a smooth workflow. The storyboard is a series of images that reflect your vision for the video, and it will help you create the shot list. The shot list is just like it sounds: A list of shots that you want.

The storyboard and shot list helps all members of your team stay focused.

Taking the time to plan every detail will save you valuable time and resources during production.

Find the Right Production Partners

As my mentor and business-growth legend Brandon Dawson, “collaboration is the new currency.” One person can’t do everything, and that same person can’t know how how to do everything. That’s unrealistic.

You need to link up with a videographer or a production company to help you level-up your potential. If you have an internal team already, great. But if you want bigger and better results, I’d consider expanding your team.

I suggest looking for partners who are, of course, talented, kind and fired up about your mission. If they’re not passionate about your cause, they will not deliver to their fullest potential. Then your quality and results take a hit.

A great team can transform your vision into a visual masterpiece.

Why Money Shouldn’t Be Your Main Concern

Budgets can be tight. I understand, and I don’t want you going broke to create a video.

At the same, a single video, when created and distributed effectively, can generate impressive results. Campaigns with videos raise four times more funds than those without, and donors are 85 percent more likely to donate after watching a video.

Some videographers and even production companies may offer their services for free. That can be an extremely kind gesture, and we have accepted such offerings from our own videographers.

Just know free does not always mean great. People are more motivated to perform is on the line, and if you implemented guarantees like our own, you can’t go wrong.

How To Find The Right People

Your video should include interviews with people. They should be people who have benefited from your organization.

Whenever we’re looking for interviewees, we seek out people who can authentically speak about our clients and their impact. Meira was perfect for our film for AccesSurf: Meira speaks from the heart, and her story is relatable for AccesSurf’s audience.

Spend some time connecting with people who represent the communities you serve. Whether it’s volunteers, beneficiaries, or charismatic speakers, finding the right faces can amplify the emotional impact of your video.

Don’t try to interview everyone, and don’t feel bad turning people away. Some people just aren’t right for a particular video, and that’s OK.

Reach out when you’re ready to boost your reach, expand your revenue and build trust.


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