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You deserve quality videos that bring you lasting results.

We’ll open up all our gear and strategic thinking to help you succeed. Ramp up your production work below:

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What People Are Saying About Us

“Thank you for all your help and hard work on these projects. You found a great group of guys to shoot at all locations, and now we have stories that will last a lifetime.”Eric Gray, Founder and Executive Director of Catalyst Sports

“Team Trust was great to collaborate with on a meaningful and excellent video, created to highlight our new LLCC Nursing Education Center. Easy to work with, positive and wonderful customer service and the end result was a video we are so proud to share. Thank you, Team Trust!”Michelle Burger, Scholarship and Alumni Services Coordinator for Lincoln Land Community College Foundation

YES, We want to give $14,400 worth of production equipment, editing and strategy. for $10,097.

We want to help you maximize your budget, and create video content that will expand your reach and increase donations.

We’ll produce a cinematic video highlighting your organization at any location. We’ll film your programs and interview your workers and those who benefit from your services, and we’ll stitch it all together into a timeless video.

Not only that, we’ll give you pictures and all our video footage.

That way you’ll more high-quality content to last.

You’ll Get!

woman in a job interview

Pre-Production Interviews

Prior to our touching a camera, we’ll learn as much about you and your organization as possible. We will:

– conduct up to 10 pre-interviews

research your target audience

– identify storylines that will speak truth to your experiences and your organizations’

– share storyboards and scripts

Interviews And B-Roll Of Your Organization

Once we agree upon a strong storyline on about your organization, we’ll hit the ground running.

We’ll interview up to 6 people on camera, and we’ll look for quotes that have meaning.

– We’ll spend hours filming your programs.

– We’ll hone in on nice moments.

Social Media-Friendly Content

We want to help you maximize your budget

– We’ll give you all the video files to upload directly to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

– If a file is too large or long for a specific platform, we’ll cut down the file.

FREE Bonus No. 2: Tips To Get More Views & Make More Money

We’re not going to just hand you a video and say “sayonara.” Creating a video is only half the work.

– We’ll stick around for 4 months and help you with an effective distribution strategy.

– We’ll test the best time and day for you to post; call to actions (CTAs); shorter and longer versions of the video; and more.

black camera recorder

Access To All Our Film Gear

We’ll whip out any and all gear to film your organization, and capture strong visuals and reaction shots. You’ll have access to:



– 4k and 8k cameras

– wireless mics

– and much, much more.

1 Timeless Videos For You

We’ll edit the footage into a videos that will transcend time.

– The video will be a 2- to 3-minute overview of your offerings, and it will include testimonials.

– The video will be ready within one month of our final day of filming

– This video will stand the test of time

FREE Bonus: Get Photos From Your Programs

We’ll grab a solid handful of stills from the programs we film.

– They will show people enjoying themselves

– They will show the direct benefit your organization has on the community.

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Our Previous Work

Previous Clients


Boise Adaptive Snowsports Education (BASE)

Catalyst Sports


Lincoln Land Community College Foundation

Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation

U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee

USA Boccia

Even If You’re Not Convinced, A Conversation Is FREE

When You At Least Have A Conversation, You Could Eventually Have All Of The Below

– Pre-Production Research & Interviews ($3,000 Value)

– Storyboarding ($1,300 Value)

– Filming ($6,000 Value)

– Editing ($3,000 Value)

– BONUS 1: Distribution Strategizing ($1,500 Value)

– BONUS 2: Video Testing ($700 Value)

TOTAL VALUE: $14,400

Get It ALL For $10,097!

Why Are We Doing This?

Our director, Ryan Wilson, has a disability, and never saw anyone who looked like when he was a kid.

We were designed to help organizations like yours get KNOWN, and make the difference you deserve.

Plus …

1. People NEED to know and see how you change lives. Without strong, current video content, they can’t see what you do.

2. Strong visuals and audio trump what you capture on your iPhone. You probably have plenty of footage on you phones, but do you think it’s the best you can do? If you’re not chasing your organization’s potential, or your own, then how do you expect those you serve to do the same?

3. Unlike most other production companies or videographers, we’ll work with you at every stage. We truly care about you, and we want you to succeed. We’ll provide guidance and recommendations from start to end.

4. I am (Ryan speaking here), quite frankly, frustrated by the number of organizations that invest time, money and resources into video content that gets, say, 50 views. That’s a waste. You deserve 100x times that, we’ll help offer guidance on an effective distribution strategy.


Get Started!

Why This Offer Is Limited


Let’s Hit The Ground Running

This offer will not last forever. More than that, we want to be transparent …

1. We can accept only 50 organizations with this special. We are offering more of our services than usual, and we don’t want to bite off more than we can chew. We want to focus our attention on you.

2. This is going away soon. So if you don’t nail down this opportunity now, you won’t have this price again.

3. We expect our spots to fill up quickly. Once they are all gone, our prices will go up.

If you are SERIOUS about reaching more people and increasing making more money, reach out.

You Succeed OR We Fail. Here’s What We’re Guaranteeing

Guarantee #1: Pre-Production Money-Back Guarantee 

If you are not pleased with our pre-production work (research, pre-interviews, storyboarding, etc.), you will get your money back.

We will not ask any questions.

Guarantee #2: Our Support On Demand

If you have any questions about our work before, during or after our filming, you can reach out to us anytime. We’ll respond within 24 hours or quicker.

Guarantee #3: 12 Months To Success

If within the first 12 months after our releasing your new video, utilizing your own distribution channels, and leveraging our recommended strategies, you can’t honestly tell yourself and others, the following, we’ll give you your money back:

– The videos helped you raise money;

– All the people shown in the video are pleased with the final product;

– You and all the people in the video felt we authentically represented the interviewees’ experiences;

– You have timeless content that can be reused and repurposed for future marketing efforts;

– Your staff, clients and board members have a clear understanding of the purpose of your organization;

– You’re getting compliments on the video and the story it told; and

– You are proud of our work together.

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