How To Make Still Photos More Interesting In Videos

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People like visuals to look interesting.

They want to feel connected with that image or video through a story and emotion, and they want to see things in a different way than their own eyes allow. That’s why it’s important to get and hold your audience’s attention.

Adding still photographs to your video can do the trick, if you know how.

Whenever we add a still photograph to a video, we just might add a little movement to the image. That could mean slowly zooming in and out, tilting up and down, or panning across the frame.

These movements are more exciting than a motionless photo, so I wanted to give a few tricks of the trade. Each trick can be done in about any editing software. All you have to do is pick a time where the movement starts and where it ends, and adjust the position of the still from there.

Get Closer

Zooming in and out is a technique that can help direct the viewer’s eyes and attention. You might zoom in on pictures that carry a sense of emotion. It will help the viewer feel closer and more connected to the image.

Zooming out helps to reveal hidden elements of a photos or emphasizes others. It can also generate a feeling that we are getting further away from whatever is being shown.

Tilt Up And Unlock Interest

Tilting up and down means moving the view of the image up or down.

This technique works well when you want to unveil parts of a scene, or when you want to emphasize the height or depth of a subject.

For instance, when telling a story about a skyscraper, a gradual tilt upward can create a sense of awe and grandeur. A downward tilt might evoke a feeling of descending into a mysterious world.

Panning Across the Frame

Panning guides the viewer’s attention horizontally (left to right or right or left) across the image. It’s an effective way to introduce new elements into the frame or to establish the context of a scene.

Imagine a travel video: by panning across a serene landscape, you can immerse the audience in the beauty of the location. This creates a visual experience that feels almost cinematic. Further, you could move the view left to right to show the movement of a car.

We used all these tricks on our behind-the-scenes video of my mom and I in Hawaii. It’s a simple video, but I thought the movements helped the viewer enjoy the images a little better.

If you’d like us to create a visually interesting video for you, hop on my calender.

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