How To Avoid A Boring Video

Interviewing people is my favorite part of creating a video. I enjoy filming, editing and coordinating shoots, but interviews build connections. Asking a person who they are is powerful, even life changing. Most videos should include interviews. That could be on-camera interviews with, say, your executive director, a marketing person and, perhaps most importantly, aContinue reading “How To Avoid A Boring Video”

How To Shoot Video Like A Pro

Money is tight, and so is your time. It shouldn’t lead to poor video. Even with a small budget, it is possible to shoot compelling footage that resonates with your audience. I physically can’t lift heavy camera, so I often use my phone to film. I wanted to take a moment to share a fewContinue reading “How To Shoot Video Like A Pro”

How To Make A Video That Actually Does SOMETHING

I am willing to bet you’re not getting the most out of your videos. Most organizations do a video and fail to measure whether the video was a success. They’ll spend money on a video, post it on Facebook, and hope the thing is a massive success. Sadly, their hope does not always generate actionContinue reading “How To Make A Video That Actually Does SOMETHING”