Keep These Video Marketing Trends In Mind

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People like new and cool things.

Look at how many people flock to buy the newest iPhones as soon as they’re out. Or even flock to the theaters to see a new movie.

I want people to feel the same level of excitement, if not more, about your organization. I want your offerings to sell out quickly, because you deserve results and money. Now, if you want to generate excitement about your organization, you have to feel some level of excitement yourself.

You can emulate simple marketing trends to get traffic to your website at about time. I always advocate for a story, but any of the below can be done as practice before your large video.

3, 2, 1, Go Live!

Are you hosting a cool fundraising event?

Go live straight from your phone. Show your followers what they’re missing out on. Add a little context and show the behind-the-scenes efforts that make your event awesome.

Live streaming is a powerful tool for brands to connect with their audience in real-time. Instagram, Facebook and YouTube let you go live instantly. Consumers appreciate genuine, unfiltered content. Brands that show behind-the-scenes footage, employee stories, and candid moments tend to build stronger connections

No Need To Create A LONG Video

Our friends with Bat Around know how to maximize their content. They did a Zoom interview with former MLB player Clint Hurdle, and we chopped the video into shareable bites for social media. These clips offer neat anecdotes about Clint’s baseball career, and spread awareness about Bat Around.

This is an easy way to get more out of your content. A social-media video can be 15 seconds, 30, even 10. People can quickly grasp cool bites, and you can encourage them to learn more by referencing a link, longer video or something else.

Let Your Clients Do The Creating

You have so many options at your disposal. You do not need to create every piece of content yourself.

That can be very time consuming, and I want to prioritize tasks that yield the highest return. You can ask your audience to create content for you.

Let’s say you offer wheelchair basketball camps, and you know an outgoing, tech-savvy attendee who knows how to work social media. Ask them to do a 20- to 30-second video about you camp, and why people should stop by.

This is called user-generated content, and it is 9.8 times more impactful than typical branded content. This makes your organization more personal, and you can spread awareness quicker.

Cash In On SEO

SEO is huge these days. You need to stand out from the crowd, and it doesn’t have to cost you thousands of dollars.

Optimizing video content for search engines is crucial for discoverability. Experiment with relevant keywords, compelling thumbnails, and providing accurate metadata.

GoogleTrends, Semrush and Answer The Public can help you identify what people are talking about and when. You can incorporate some of their talking points in your copy, and track which ones work the best.

Plus, you can search specific words on the different social media platforms, and see what comes up. Maybe certain words reflect conversations you’d like to participate in, and maybe there are some you want to stay away from.

Make Me Feel

OK, I had to bring it up: Tell stories.

They are too powerful to not mention. There are so many videos on social media, and people gravitate toward and share the ones that make them feel something.

When you tell a story with emotion, you can make a world of a difference. This means you create a captivating experience that resonates with your audience on a deep level. You are then establishing a connection, raising awareness and inspiring action among the target audience.

Do you want to elevate your video marketing, and create videos that look great and resonate with your audience? We are here to help.

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