59 Ways To Reuse And Repurpose Your Videos

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You have more at your disposal than you imagine.

I promise.

Whenever you do a video, you can reuse almost any element of that video — interviews, B-roll, graphics, unused footage — and it can make a huge difference.

We see many organizations struggle to get the most out of their videos, so I wanted to list 59 ways you can reuse your footage.

You could try a couple here and there over the course of. Don’t do everything all at once, or it will backfire.

  1. Create a compilation video
  2. Share social media snippets
  3. Develop testimonials and success stories
  4. Produce volunteer/recruitment videos
  5. Make donor appreciation videos
  6. Create educational content
  7. Develop training materials
  8. Incorporate footage into the website design
  9. Use footage for event promotion
  10. Foster partnerships and collaborations
  11. Create podcast episodes
  12. Feature volunteer spotlights
  13. Produce annual report videos
  14. Utilize footage for website background videos
  15. Create fundraising campaign videos
  16. Produce educational webinars
  17. Collaborate with influencers for video content
  18. Share community impact videos
  19. Deliver leadership messages
  20. Create video newsletters
  21. Cross-promote with media outlets
  22. Develop impact infographics
  23. Produce video case studies
  24. Use footage for conference presentations
  25. Develop video series
  26. Share behind-the-scenes footage
  27. Develop video impact reports
  28. Create web series
  29. Produce exploratory videos
  30. Create video thank-you cards
  31. Develop interactive maps
  32. Create public service announcements (PSAs)
  33. Share success stories through live streaming
  34. Repurpose footage for training modules
  35. Create motivational speaker reels
  36. Develop “Meet the Team” videos
  37. Showcase funded projects
  38. Produce impact infomercials
  39. Create video newsletters for specific programs
  40. Develop a video case for support
  41. Feature expert advice series
  42. Celebrate milestones with videos
  43. Share video blogs (vlogs)
  44. Produce fundraising challenge videos
  45. Feature staff member interviews
  46. Create infographics with interview quotes
  47. Highlight donors in video testimonials
  48. Share mini-documentaries
  49. Create videos for social media takeovers
  50. Feature as podcast guest episodes
  51. Produce event recap videos
  52. Showcase donor spotlights
  53. Repurpose footage for animated GIFs
  54. Develop video campaigns for crowdfunding
  55. Create highlight reels for social media platforms
  56. Develop storytelling campaigns with interview snippets
  57. Produce impact videos for grant applications
  58. Add B-roll to webinars
  59. Repost content around holidays, anniversaries and events relevant to your organization

If you have any other ideas, you’re welcome to leave a comment or send me a message. I can add to this list.

Published by Ryan Wilson

CEO of Team Trust

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