15 Easy And Successful Video Fundraising Ideas For Nonprofits


Let’s be honest: We all would prefer to see success without having to do too much work.

Frustration, mistakes and a few failures are not fun, and it would be nice if we could avoid them. At all costs.

I understand. But I also know success comes to those who work for it every day. It doesn’t have to cause immense frustration or disappointment, I promise.

I want to make things easier for you. Here are a few ideas on a few marketing videos to raise donations.

  1. Impact Story Showcase: Create a video featuring real individuals or communities positively impacted by your nonprofit’s work. Showcasing success stories humanizes the cause and encourages donors to contribute to ongoing efforts.
  2. Behind-the-Scenes Tour: Take viewers on a virtual tour of your organization’s headquarters or project locations. This gives donors a glimpse into the day-to-day operations and the impact their contributions can have. A 360-camera is not necessary.
  3. Challenge or Stunt Videos: Engage supporters by filming staff or volunteers taking on fun and lighthearted challenges or stunts. Encourage donations as a way to “unlock” or complete these challenges. Remember the “Ice-Bucket Challenge”?
  4. Live Q&A Sessions: Host live video sessions where your team answers questions from supporters about your nonprofit’s mission, projects and goals. This interaction fosters a sense of community and transparency. Facebook Live or a Zoom call could do the trick here.
  5. Virtual Events Highlight Reel: Compile the best moments from your events, and showcase the value your nonprofit provides. Add a call-to-action to donate.
  6. Monthly Progress Updates: Create short monthly videos highlighting the progress of ongoing projects, with a focus on milestones achieved and challenges overcome. This keeps supporters engaged and informed about your work.
  7. Educational Mini-Series: Develop a series of short educational videos related to your cause. These videos not only raise awareness but also position your organization as a knowledgeable authority on the subject.
  8. Personal Appeals from Team Members: Have different team members record heartfelt video appeals explaining why they’re passionate about the cause. Personal connections often inspire empathy and drive donations.
  9. Crowdfunding Campaign Videos: When launching a crowdfunding campaign, create a compelling video that explains the campaign’s purpose, target and the impact of donations. Show people how their donations can make a huge difference.
  10. Holiday or Seasonal Appeals: Craft videos tied to holidays or specific seasons that highlight the importance of giving back during those times. Tap into the spirit of giving to encourage donations.
  11. Thank-You Videos: Express gratitude by creating personalized thank-you videos for recent donors. This fosters a sense of appreciation and strengthens the donor-nonprofit relationship.
  12. Virtual Workshops or Tutorials: Host informative workshops or tutorials related to your cause and ask for voluntary donations in return for access. This approach provides value to donors while raising funds.
  13. Partner Spotlights: Collaborate with partner organizations or individuals for joint video content. Highlight shared goals and the collective impact of your combined efforts to encourage donations.
  14. Memorial or Tribute Videos: Allow supporters to create tribute videos in memory of loved ones or to celebrate special occasions. Encourage donations in honor of these meaningful moments.
  15. Donation Milestone Celebrations: Set fundraising milestones and celebrate them with videos that highlight the progress made and the collective contributions of your supporters. Use these videos to launch new goals.

The key to successful video fundraising lies in creating engaging and authentic content that resonates with your audience’s emotions and values. Be creative, and make it easy for viewers to take action and contribute to your cause.

It’s important to keep creating content and tracking the results as you go. The quality will improve, and, if you’re pinpointing what catches your audiences’ attention, money will come.

Hop on my calendar to create an unforgettable video that will generate results.

Published by Ryan Wilson

CEO of Team Trust

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