How To Find The RIGHT Videographer

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By Ryan Wilson

CEO, Team Trust

Video is indispensable.

You need it to effectively communicate your mission, engage with your audience, and raise awareness about your brand.

Regardless of the type of video, high-quality video content is paramount. To achieve this, sometimes you need to find the right videographer or production company. We’ve all been there.

Your videographer should understand your unique needs and goals and has a proven track record of delivering compelling visuals and results.

Let’s explore the essentials to finding the perfect videographer or production company for your organizations.

What Do You Want?

Before starting your search process, clearly define your goals and priorities.

Is your focus video views, new clients or just a remarkable video?

Are you looking for to create a documentary, capture testimonials, an educational piece, or do you want coverage of your event?

How do you plan on distributing the video?

If you can answer at some of these questions, you are ahead of the game.

I encounter too many people who want a video, but don’t know much past that. They expect the videographer to answer all their questions and solve all their problems.

That is not helpful for anyone.

You know your audience and organization way better than any videographer.

Also, have a budget in mind.

I understand you’re likely operating with limited financial resources, but, for your sake, allocate a reasonable budget for videographers.

The cost will vary depending on what you’d like the person or crew to do. For context, we charge between $4,000 and $12,000 to for an entire production. Some companies charge more, especially in areas like New York and LA.

Having a budget, I promise, will attract talent professionals and ensure a higher quality.

Do Your Research

Start by researching videographers or production companies with experience in working with organizations like yours.

Usually, online platforms, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, can help you find people and a crew.

We tend to use ProductionHub and UpWork, as well.

Make sure you look at the person’s work, website and even social media presence. You should most importantly review prior video work, and see if it aligns with what you are looking for.

If the quality doesn’t meet your standards — they should be high — move on. If they do subpar work, expect the same for you.

I personally prioritize guarantees. They need to guarantee quality work on time, or your money back.

Get Techy

If you’re not a video person, this might be hard. I understand.

You do, though, want to make sure whomever your hiring has the technical capabilities to successful execute your goals.

Here’s a list of our gear.

You can always request a list of gear from a candidate, and ask what would be used for you and how.

If you’re looking for a video editor, ask what editing software they’ll be using.

If you use the same software, then that seems like a good fit.

You can ask videographers what camera, lighting and audio gear they have, and then you can ask if works with your software or editing knowledge.

Assess Creativity and Storytelling Skills

Your video content should have some emotional element to it.

Your audience should feel a personal connection with you after watching your piece.

A strong videographer or production company should possess empathy and strong creativity and storytelling skills.

Look at potential candidates’ previous work for evidence of their capacity to evoke emotions, craft narratives and capture the essence of their subjects.

A Silent Person May Be A Winner

Your videographers should have great interpersonal skills, and they should be impressive listeners.

If they dominating every conversation, then they are not showing they actually care about your goals and expectations.

They should listen to what you want, and offer feedback and perspective when necessary.

I would encourage you to evaluate candidates’ responsiveness, communication and willingness to adapt to your organization’s unique requirements.

You deserve top results, and if Team Trust isn’t a good fit for you, then I can help you find someone who is.

If you’d like to learn more, you are welcome to give me a call or send me an email.

Published by Ryan Wilson

CEO of Team Trust

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