What To Avoid in Marketing Videos

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Video marketing is great, if you know what to do and what not to do.

I’ve spoken with countless organizations across the country, and they always want their videos to do more. They want their views to get seen by more people, and to bring in more money.

I totally understand. You deserve results.

Here are a few common mistakes organizations make in their video marketing efforts.

Animoto found that 58 percent of consumers expect to see videos that explain a product or service clearly. The same applies to any industry.

You messaging should be clear and easy to understand. If it’s complex or confusing, your audience will go away. Don’t make it hard for them to learn how you can help them.

Many organizations don’t know what content works or why. They want a quick fix to get known, but their content keeps falling flat.

It’s a real bummer, and waste of money. If you review data across your platforms, you will see what works. The data will tell you what your audience likes, shares and clicks on.

Create more content that works, and less of what doesn’t. We learned that our audience tends to engage more with content posted on Facebook in the afternoon. So we schedule our posts then.

If you ignore the data, success will be so much harder. A little A/B testing goes a long ways.

There’s so much content online. It’s almost overwhelming.

Many good videos are skipped over, and I don’t want that to happen to you. Telling stories about your organization is an incredible tool. Harvard Business Review found that stories activate up to seven areas of the brain.

In other words, stories are exponentially more memorable than data. People connect with emotion in stories, not numbers in data. Are you more likely to remember a movie, or a spreadsheet?

You need to move people through your ecosystem.

If people like your video or Facebook post, for example, tell them how to get involved. That could mean a link to donate, volunteer or buy into your event.

Make the CTA clear, too. In our email marketing, our CTA is a big button. Hard to miss, right? The CTA is in bold at the bottom of this page.

If your video is blurry, why should your audience expect high-quality offerings from you?

I can’t stress how important video marketing is. Quantity is important; you just need to constantly improve. Videos of a higher quality set a higher standard for your organization, and they are more likely to generate interest.

You can define quality however you like. I believe a higher-quality video is one that deeply resonates with your audience, not one shot on a $50,000 camera.

YouTube is the second-largest search engine after Google. Optimize your description, video titles and tags for relevant keywords. This will increase your video’s discoverability and reach a wider audience.

When you make a search on Google, you will find results using the same words you Googled. For example, let’s say you Google “basketball Chicago Illinois.” You will get results of websites with the words “basketball” and “Chicago.”

That’s the Google algorithm at work, and you can recognize similar patterns on YouTubeFacebookTwitterInstagram and platforms with search features (even ours). Adding relevant words throughout your posts, content and communications will help people find you.

Some people quickly get dissapoint.

They expect one video to get seen by thousands of people and bring in 10 times dollars. While that could happen with one video, it will be much easier to see such results if you stay consistent in posting. Aim to post some kind of video once a week or so. Then your audience won’t forget about you, and you will overtime expand your following.

Furthermore, staying consistent will grow your data. You will have a better idea of who’s viewing your content, and what they’re watching.

If you want to accelerate your reach and eliminate mistakes, let’s talk. I’m here for you.

Published by Ryan Wilson

CEO of Team Trust

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