How To Create More Content In Less Time

Let’s start making more with less effort.

That sounds way more fun and enjoyable! And easier.

I’m always on the lookout for effective strategies to get Team Trust and our benefits known and felt. That means doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t. As part of that, we reuse and repurpose content and aspects of content that yields the highest return.

Repurposing and reusing content saves us TIME, and it’s an easy “hack” to creating content that you know will perform.

Too many marketers struggle to create more graphics, photos, videos or even social media posts. They might even get burnt out, and content creation starts to lose its excitement. Then the organization starts to become less known — the opposite of what you want.

There’s a solution. I’m going to explore the benefits and best practices of repurposing video.

Roll With B-roll

B-roll is basically the non-interview footage. It’s the footage of people enjoying your events, programs, conferences, etc. Often, people throw B-roll in one video, but it never really sees the light of day again.

With your B-roll, you can create captivating short clips for social media platforms. For example, we took a short clip from our FestAbility video, and posted on all of our social media channels.

I thought the Wonder Woman-moment was neat and fun for our social audience.

Plus, you can take screenshots of the B-roll to get photo.

Let Your Interviews Speak For Themselves

Interviews with beneficiaries, volunteers, or stakeholders can be incredibly powerful in conveying the impact of your work. Instead of letting these valuable moments fade into oblivion after one use, we repurpose interview footage creatively. Check out our short video with Corbett.

It served as a video testimonial for Scherrone, and it worked as such.

Crafting testimonials, behind-the-scenes glimpses or even mini-documentaries from interview clips breathe new life into the original content. It adds to your collection of marketing materials, and keeps your audience engaged.

You can also take screenshots of the interviews to create profile-like pictures.

Get Personal

Another remarkable advantage of repurposing video content is the opportunity to tailor it for different target demographics. Our clients often cater to diverse audiences, each with their unique preferences and interests.

You can 100 percent create specific content for each segment of your audience without much extra work. For example, we are creating our first video in Spanish! The organization primarily serves an English-speaking audience, but they have a Hispanic following. So we’re creating a Spanish version of the video without subtitles, and another with English subtitles.

We are literally creating two videos from one!

When you’re ready to level up your video productions, hop on my calendar. It’s easier than you think to create a great video.

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