How To Make Your Marketing Video Compelling

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There are millions of videos online, even on YouTube.

Why should I watch yours?

For any video, the power of visuals cannot be overstated, but captivating visuals go beyond mere aesthetics. A single shot of anything can yield emotion, drive engagement and weave a compelling narrative that resonates with the audience.

Unfortunately, not many videos make people feel anything. They’re just a series of visuals that don’t carry meaning or help advance the storylines. When that happens, the videos are forgotten and not seen.

There is a solution, and I wanted to address it here.

Hollywood Will Tell You What To Do

There are many parallels between a marketing video and Hollywood movie you see at the theater.

When you’re watching a movie, what makes you keep watching? Why aren’t you leaving the theater or changing the channel?

Likely, you feel some connection to what is being shown on screen. You’re curious as to what will happen in the storyline; you find interest in the characters; and / or the visuals keep your attention.

A great marketing video employs similar principles. The visuals must convey your organization’s mission, values and impact. They should also be tied to the main storyline and provoke emotions and inspire action.

Let’s say you offer sports for individuals with physical disabilities. Adaptive sport, for many, symbolizes community, empowerment and independence. You would probably want shots of the following:

– people playing sports

– friends laughing, smiling, fist bumping, etc.

– people trying out a sports wheelchair for maybe the first time

These visuals provide context and tangibility to your cause. It’s then easier for the audience to connect on a personal level.

Show Me Your Impact

A visually compelling nonprofit marketing video doesn’t just showcase the surface-level impact; it delves into the context and showcases the before-and-after scenarios to underscore the benefit of an organization.

Weight-loss commercials are perfect examples. Before the person tried the service, they were a certain weight. Then, after following a treatment, they lost weight.

I imagine there are many people who have benefited greatly from your organization. Show those benefits. It will help your audience comprehend the significance of your mission and the difference it makes in real lives.

Who Are You, Really?

I hope you are proud of your accomplishments and impact. I know it took a lot of time, perseverance and energy. Please know that not everybody has done all that.

At the same time, it is important to be authentic with yourself. Don’t lie about your organization’s impact, accomplishments, financials. Every now and then, I come across people who inflate their organization’s benefits so much that is not an accurate reflection of their audiences’ lived experiences.

People gravitate toward businesses — nonprofit or not — that are authentic. Marketing videos can use visuals to capture genuine moments. B-roll alone can show your benefits in real time.

Interviews with beneficiaries, volunteers and stakeholders, too, can evoke authentic reactions.

Don’t be afraid of showing who you really are. If someone has a problem with it, then move on. They weren’t going to be a good fit anyways. 🙂

Hop on my calendar to create an authentic and visually striking video. We’re here for you.

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CEO of Team Trust

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