3 Reasons Why Your Marketing Videos Fail

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There is a pattern to creating a video that gets thousands of views and generates tens of thousands of dollars.

The pattern is simple, but many don’t follow it.

I’ve reviewed thousands of marketing videos, and I’ve documented what makes the good ones good ones good and the bad ones bad. I’ve pinpointed what led the video getting 10 times, 100 times, even 1,000 times more views than others, and I’ve reviewed which videos bring in the most clients.

From that research and our own experiments, I have concluded that the following factors are crucial: A/B testing, content recycling and giving up too quickly.

Many great videos are wasted, and I don’t want you to fall victim.

You Have The Answer

A/B testing gives you all the answers you need.

I ran A/B tests all the time with my disability related videos, and I saw video views jump by 700 percent just by changing the headline! From there, I started to see what headlines attracted the most people, and it gave me a solid game plan.

When you conduct A/B tests on things as simple as the headline, you’ll gain valuable insights. Don’t stop testing.

Have Fun And Make Things Easier

Nonprofit marketers sometimes struggle to create more content. The just want to have fun at the organization’s events, and not worry about creating more content.

I understand. It doesn’t have to hard. You can reuse and repurpose content in so many ways.

To breathe new life into your content, you can repurpose videos, for example, into bite-sized animated GIFs or visually appealing infographics. Interviews can be quotes and graphics, and B-roll can be pictures.

You can use this strategy to extend your reach and engage new audiences.

The Curse Of Impatience

We all want more money, more clients, more video views right now. We want to be in a better place … yesterday.

I totally understand. I think some impatience can be healthy, and an excellent motivator. At the same time, we need to stick with things long enough to see their potential.

People are so quick to be disappointed that they give up. They get discouraged, and they conclude that new video is a waste. That perspective, though, is not helpful.

If you are releasing a video for the first time, you’ll likely not see many views on the first go around. That’s totally OK and reasonable.

You can gain data from that video, even if it didn’t generate one view. You could repost it on every platform multiple times. Change the headline, the thumbnail, the timing, any associated hashtags, etc., and track the results.

Over time, you’ll see patterns. You’ll see results, I promise.

Reach out when you’re ready to see even more results.

Published by Ryan Wilson

CEO of Team Trust

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