How To Shoot Video Like A Pro

Money is tight, and so is your time. It shouldn’t lead to poor video. Even with a small budget, it is possible to shoot compelling footage that resonates with your audience. I physically can’t lift heavy camera, so I often use my phone to film. I wanted to take a moment to share a fewContinue reading “How To Shoot Video Like A Pro”

How To Make A Video That Actually Does SOMETHING

I am willing to bet you’re not getting the most out of your videos. Most organizations do a video and fail to measure whether the video was a success. They’ll spend money on a video, post it on Facebook, and hope the thing is a massive success. Sadly, their hope does not always generate actionContinue reading “How To Make A Video That Actually Does SOMETHING”

How To Find The RIGHT Videographer

By Ryan Wilson CEO, Team Trust Video is indispensable. You need it to effectively communicate your mission, engage with your audience, and raise awareness about your brand. Regardless of the type of video, high-quality video content is paramount. To achieve this, sometimes you need to find the right videographer or production company. We’ve all beenContinue reading “How To Find The RIGHT Videographer”