How To Make A Video That Actually Does SOMETHING

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I am willing to bet you’re not getting the most out of your videos.

Most organizations do a video and fail to measure whether the video was a success.

They’ll spend money on a video, post it on Facebook, and hope the thing is a massive success.

Sadly, their hope does not always generate action or results.

They are forgetting to push, promote and repurpose their video as much as they can.

Here are a few tips on how to more out of any video.

Develop A Game Plan

In a perfect world, what would you like your video to do?

I imagine you’d want it to bring more people into your ecosystem, and, sure, you’d likely want it to increase your bottom line.

Prior to starting any video or hiring any videographer, write down your goals for the video. Think through the following:

– How will you distribute your video?

– How many views should the video get?

– Who is your target audience?

Each of these three questions will help you lay a framework for your future production. Try to keep everything measurable, and make adjustments as scenarios come up.

Go For The Heart

Now that you have a strategy laid out, it’s time to think about what the video should look, feel and sound like.

A good video should capture the hearts and minds of viewers through a powerful narrative. Viewers should feel something — happiness, sadness, love, inspiration, etc. — after watching your.

I would encourage you to focus on a story of someone who has benefited tremendously from your organization. You can conduct a sit-down interview with them, and have them describe the transformation they experienced as a direct result of you.

Don’t be afraid to address their struggles and triumphs.

This will help build an emotional connection between the main “subject” and the viewer, and your audience will then feel more connected to you and your organization.

In fact, they might see themselves in that person’s story.

Does Length Matter?

If you Google, “How long should a video be?” you’ll get more than 6 billion answers. That’s not helpful, and likely none of it will pertain specifically to you.

I would first look at how long your previous videos were.

If your shorter videos (1 to 3 minutes length) were successful, then I would stick with a length in that range. The same applies for longer videos.

If you collect hours of content in your filming, though, you could always cut the content into a series of videos.


You should embed your video on each of the social media platforms you use.

Embedding means you upload the file directly to your post. Here’s an example.

Embedded videos get more views and engagements than sharing a YouTube link. If your video is too long or big for a platform, like Instagram or Twitter, post a snippet.

Additionally, post your video multiple times.

Too many organizations post a video once, and it falls flat. Not everybody will see your video on your first posting. Don’t be afraid to post the same video and variations of it 12-plus times in the span of a few months.

Follow The Data

The data will tell you whether your video is a success.

It will also tell you what to do next and what to do more and less of. You should spend a few moments to analyze your data, and test different variables of your video.

You could test your YouTube headline, for instance, and track how that affects the number of views. You could test the call to action, too.

You could then identify the variables that yield the better results.

Collectively, these recommendations will help you get more views, see better engagement and bring in more money from your video. You video will be a timeless vehicle of revenue generation.

If you’d like to discuss your video needs, you are welcome to give me a call or send me an email.

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