Shoot Your Shot: A B-Roll Trick NO ONE Will Tell You

woman wearing maroon sweater standing on veranda using camera while smiling overlooking houses and buildings

In marketing videos, B-roll footage is the unsung hero. It provides context, depth and visual intrigue. However, to truly captivate your audience, it’s imperative to infuse life into your shots.

Enter: people.

Imagine a canvas without a subject; it’s static, devoid of emotion. Now, introduce a person. Suddenly, the scene pulses with energy, telling a story that resonates on a human level. People, like brushstrokes on a canvas, inject vitality into every frame.

In marketing, we aim to forge connections, not just sell products or services. Shots of people add a relatable dimension, inviting viewers to see themselves in the narrative. When we watch a person’s face light up with joy, or witness a determined stride, we instantly relate. It’s the difference between looking at a catalog of products and feeling the experience of owning and using them.

You could add a person in these types of shots:

  • Instead of a motionless shot of a building, have a person — anybody, even you (!) — walk in the main door on camera
  • If you want a shot of a street, wait to hit record until a car is coming by. It’s more interesting than a shot of JUST a street.

Much like a symphony’s crescendo, a shot with people draws the eye, commanding attention and guiding the viewer’s gaze. It directs focus, ensuring that the message you want to convey isn’t lost in the periphery.

If you did, in fact, have a shot of a person walking into a building, we would naturally be inclined to follow them … inside. 🙂

Note how many shots have people in my film for the Big Ten Network. We always followed somebody, mostly a stranger, to guide the viewers.

Plus, research shows that pictures of people are 38 percent more likely to get likes on a photo than those without people. Generally speaking, this been the case on our social media channels. Posts with faces — mine or someone else’s — usually get more views and engagements than others.

Are you ready to take your video marketing to the next level? Hop on my calendar. We’ll make it happen!

Published by Ryan Wilson

CEO of Team Trust

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