Ryan: Why My Disability Is Great

By Ryan Wilson

Team Trust CEO

Having a disability has taught me many lessons.

For one, I have learned to respect and embrace my body.

My body, I believe, “speaks loudly” when I do not take care of it: I may hurt, I may be sick, or, yes, I may be grouchy.

More than that, my disability has taught me how to trust myself and others.

The reality is, persons with disabilities need a little more help sometimes. 

We all need help every now and then, but there are things disabled people just physically can’t do.

Ryan is shown shirtless, lying in a hospital bed.
Last August, I fell out of my wheelchair, and broke three bones. Clearly, my body declared it was unhappy.

For example, I cannot do jumping jacks, or else I will break bones. I also cannot lift heavy objects for similar reasons. 

I used to rely on person assistants for help with my daily activities. 

They were college students, and had a number of tasks.

But they broke my trust many times.

While that did hurt, even literally, I never lost my trust in humanity. 

I trust people want to help. 

I trust they want to be kind.

I trust we all have hearts.

This trust in others and trust in human kindness is why we gave Team Trust its name.

As I learned firsthand, trust is synonymous with confidence, belief and love.

When we trust ourselves and each other, we are a team with ourselves and with others.

Every client, worker and helper bee of Team Trust, is a part of our team.

And together, we are stronger.

Because we Trust.

That’s why I am glad I have a disability.

Published by Ryan Wilson

CEO of Team Trust

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