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There are 1 billion individuals with disabilities, and there are roughly 3.3 billion additional people (family and friends) who act on their “emotional behalf.”

In other words, disability connects with 73 percent of consumers. That means the disability market has $13 trillion in disposable income.

Truthfully, we want to help you not only add value to this market, but also we want to help you become the disability community’s greatest ally.

To do so, we want to give you a number of tips, trips and recommendations to taking your marketing — website, videos, photos, content, podcast — to the next level.

This will substantially increased your knowledge and understanding of and relationship with the disability community, and you will know, genuinely, how to serve the largest minority in the world.

Nowadays, people expect businesses to show diversity in their ads and marketing.

If your company fails in meeting this expectation, your business is likely to flounder in the long rule.

If you succeed, you will see increases in customers, brand loyalty and brand reputation.

So, to get started, check our free disability marketing guide.

It will give you easy, cost-effective guidance on how to integrate disability into what you are already doing.