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Our director, Ryan Wilson, has written articles on videography, marketing and disability to help.

Pros and Cons of Video Marketing

You deserve to know the facts about video marketing. Video marketing has great potential, but you should know what to expect before diving deep in a project. That way, you’re not caught up on roadblocks, and you stay focused on the ultimate goal. Here are a few pros and cons to creating video marketing. Success…

Keep These Video Marketing Trends In Mind

People like new and cool things. Look at how many people flock to buy the newest iPhones as soon as they’re out. Or even flock to the theaters to see a new movie. I want people to feel the same level of excitement, if not more, about your organization. I want your offerings to sell…

Is ‘Midget’ Still Cool?

The following is an excerpt from my Disability Marketing Guide. Because I believe you are committed to helping persons with disabilities, I have bought the guide for you. We hope it helps … This may be a tricky part: Making sure your messaging and phraseology aligns with your newfound friends. If disability is new to…

Disability Marketing Guide

We have a disability marketing guide to help you better understand and serve our friends with disabilities.

There are 1 billion individuals with disabilities, and there are roughly 3.3 billion additional people (family and friends) who act on their “emotional behalf.” Disability connects with 73 percent of consumers. That means the disability market has $13 trillion in disposable income.

People expect businesses to show diversity in their ads and marketing.


If you’d like to get an even deeper dive into disability, check out our podcast, “Inclusion.” Ryan discusses disability related issues with advocates, athletes and more.