Your Guide To Making Any Video Easily

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Making videos can take time. There are just a few more steps than posting on Facebook or taking a picture.

I am right there with you. However, videos are such a strong tool to grow your audience and make more money that you need to create them.

It doesn’t have to be hard, complicated or frustration. I want to make it easy for you.

I created a brief checklist to guide you through each step of the entire production. It’s very similar to our own checklist, and we answer as many questions as possible before picking up a camera. If you can’t answer at least 80 percent of them, you aren’t quite ready to create a video.

Interviews, locations and B-roll may change as the video is unfolding, but this will give you a sense of direction. It’s always best to make sure all videographers, editors and interviewees are on the same page.


1. Objective

  • What is the purpose of the video? (e.g., raise awareness, promote an event)
  • Who is the target audience, and what do you know about them? (e.g., donors, volunteers, beneficiaries)

2. Outline and Storyboard

  • Have you created an outline of what the video should look like in the end, with key messages and visuals?
  • Have you created a storyboard to visualize the sequence of scenes?

3. Location and Talent


1. Equipment and Setup

  • Do you have the necessary camera equipment (e.g., DSLR, smartphone)?
  • Are you filming in well-lit areas that clearly show people on camera?
  • Are you able to clearly hear interviewees on camera?

2. Filming Guidelines

  • Are you capturing diverse perspectives to represent your organization truthfully / authentically?
  • Will your B-roll footage be a diverse collection of shots that relate to the story?

3. Engaging Content

  • Are you showcasing impactful stories and achievements?
  • What will the call-to-action be?


1. Video Editing Software

  • Do you have access to video editing software? (e.g., iMovie, Adobe Premiere Pro)
  • Do you have the skills to edit the video, or do you know someone whoo does?

2. Branding and Graphics

  • Have you added your organization’s logo, name and colors to your video?
  • Does the video align with your organization’s values and messaging?
  • Have you included accurate captions or subtitles for accessibility?

3. Music and Voiceover

  • Will the video need background music to complements the video’s tone?
  • Do you need a voiceover to narrate the video?

Distribution and Promotion:

1. Video Hosting Platform

2. Social Media Strategy

  • How and when will you share the video on social media?
  • Are you encouraging supporters to share the video to reach a wider audience?

3. Website and Email Campaign

  • Will you embed your video somewhere on your website?
  • Will you send the video via email to your subscriber list?

If you’d like to make a video even easier, we’ve got your back. Just hop on my calendar.

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CEO of Team Trust

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