SPECIAL: Capture the True Meaning of A Wish Reveal

Life isn’t always easy with a disability.

There are challenges, barriers and hospital bills (actually, lots of those).

The world is not built for anybody with a disability.

But there organizations that make life just a little easier and a little more enjoyable for those with disabilities.

That, we know, is the Make A Wish Foundation, and that is why we would like to film one of your Wish Reveals at an extremely discounted rate.

Instead of charging $8,000 to film your Wish Reveal, we are offering the same service for $700.

That’s right. We’ll use our expensive equipment and collaborative process to help you tell an impactful story.

But this offer is valid through March 27.

Why are we dropping the price so much.

Because our director, Ryan Wilson, is a Wish recipient.

A young Ryan is pictured with Shaquille O'Neal
Ryan with Shaq

He had his Wish to meet his idol Shaquille O’Neal granted in high school, and it kicked off with a memorable Wish reveal.

The school organized a spontaneous assembly. The band was playing, the cheerleaders were pumping up the crowd, and the entire student body was in the gymnasium.

When Ryan, unaware of what was about to happen, entered the gym, he saw everyone together, and a local sports reporter.

The sports reporter brought Ryan to the front of the gym, gave him a few Shaq-themed gifts, and told Ryan there was a hummer limo outside, ready to take Ryan and his family to Cleveland.

To see Shaq.

Ryan’s Wish Reveal was videotaped, and it remains a treasured item from Ryan’s “Shaq Trip.”

We want to create a similar gem for you and your Wish recipient.

Just like for our bigger projects, here’s our process:


We’ll discuss with you the Wish you are revealing.

We’ll ask about the location, venue and people involved (family, friends, classmates, Wish recipient), and we’ll try to anticipate with you the strongest visuals.

Maybe that’s the reaction of the Wish reveal …

Maybe, as was the case for Ryan, its the moment the Wish kid’s parents embrace their child in joy and happiness …

And maybe there are unique elements, like animals or celebrities, involved in the reveal …

Whatever the case, we want to know in advance to capture the meaning of the Wish


Our videographer will be on site with you from beginning to end.

They will get all the meaningful shots and audio we previously discussed, and they’ll use all the necessary gear (lights, gimbals, expensive cameras, etc).

They will collect more footage than you would ever need to make sure we collect all the emotion from the scene.


We’ll piece together the footage into a short, 2- to 3-minute video.

It’ll combine strong audio of the Wish kid loving the moment with visuals that illustrate the power, significance and joy of a Wish.

You can, of course, distribute the video across your social media channels, and, in coordination you, we will do the same.

We want people to feel —not just see — your importance, and our personal experience and perspective will allow that to come true.


As powerful as the video may be, we will share a collection of stills from the Reveal with you.

These shots can be used across your marketing materials (i.e. print and digital assets) for years to come.

Our Guarantee

If you do not like us or our product, we are sorry.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation holds a special place in our hearts, and we don’t want to let you down.

BUT we understand every penny of your budget matters.

We have the below safety nets for you in case things don’t work out.

Guarantee #1: Pre-Production Money-Back Guarantee 

If you are not pleased with our work prior to the Reveal with regards to the video production, you will get your money back.

We will not ask any questions.

Guarantee #2: Our Support on Demand

If you have any questions about our work before, during or after the Reveal, you can reach out to us anytime. We’ll respond within 24 hours or quicker.

Guarantee #3: 12 Months to Success

If within the first 12 months after our releasing the video, utilizing your own distribution channels, you can’t honestly tell yourself and others, including your board, the following, we’ll give you your money back:

The video helped you raise money;

All the people shown in the video are pleased with the final product;

You and all the people in the video felt we authentically represented the experiences of the disability community;

You have timeless content that can be reused and repurposed for future fundraising efforts;

Your donors, volunteers and board members have a clear understanding of the purpose of your organization;

You’re getting compliments on the video and the story it told; and

You are proud of our work together.


Here is what our previous clients have said about Team Trust:

“Team Trust was great to collaborate with on a meaningful and excellent video, created to highlight our new LLCC Nursing Education Center. Easy to work with, positive and wonderful customer service and the end result was a video we are so proud to share. Thank you, Team Trust!”– Michelle Burger, Scholarship and Alumni Services Coordinator for Lincoln Land Community College Foundation

“Thank you for all your help and hard work on these projects. You found a great group of guys to shoot at all locations, and now we have stories that will last a lifetime.” – Eric Gray, Founder and Executive Director of Catalyst Sports

“Great work, Team Trust Productions. A company by and for disabled people. Thank you, Ryan!” – Scherrone Dunhamn Fundraiser 

Samples of Our Work


United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee

Catalyst Sports

Remember, we have limited spots, and this offer is valid until March 27.

If you don’t have a Wish Reveal between now and March 27, we can hold a spot for you.

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