Nine Interview Questions To Ask For Your Next Video

On-camera interviews bring stories to life. They separate good videos from great ones, but we often make interviews way, way too hard. Here’s a list of some common interview questions you can ask people for your marketing videos. If time allows, you want to start the easier, “softball” questions, and then carefully transition to potentiallyContinue reading “Nine Interview Questions To Ask For Your Next Video”

How To Avoid A Boring Video

Interviewing people is my favorite part of creating a video. I enjoy filming, editing and coordinating shoots, but interviews build connections. Asking a person who they are is powerful, even life changing. Most videos should include interviews. That could be on-camera interviews with, say, your executive director, a marketing person and, perhaps most importantly, aContinue reading “How To Avoid A Boring Video”

The Sun: Free Film Gear For ALL

Lighting and color play crucial roles in setting the mood and atmosphere of your B-roll footage. Always consider the lighting of your locations. I have seen organizations publish video in dimly lit areas. That’s counterproductive. If you want to maximize the visual impact of your interviews and B-roll, you need to know how to controlContinue reading “The Sun: Free Film Gear For ALL”