A New Beginning

For athletes of any sport or level, retirement can be challenging. It, for one, can be tough leaving the community and sport they have been a part of for years. But after they separate themselves from their old selves, they are left in a period of self-discovery.

In this period, they may ask themselves: Who am I? What am I? How do I utilize my competitive edge? Where is the money coming in? Will I have health insurance?

We are chronicling the experiences of athletes with disabilities transitioning out of sport. This is a documentary project that entails a film, photo book and much more to carefully show the athletes beyond their athletic selves.

Amanda McGrory

Producer / Wheelchair Racer

Amanda is an elite wheelchair racer. She has competed in three Paralympics. The Tokyo Games will be her last. Amanda is currently the archivist for the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC).

Nick Manely

Alpine Skier

Nick guides visually impaired skiers. He retired from the sport that saved his life in early 2021.


Lead Goofball

Calvin is Amanda McGrory’s service dog. He likes to play with people and his many, MANY toys. He is a source of light for all.