Our Process


We start our initial conversations with new clients with open ears, minds and hearts.

We want to learn about their current marketing strategies, goals and plans, and we discuss how video could fit into all of those.

We then lay out a solid game plan for their production: storyboard, samples, budget, interview questions and production timeline.


After we agree on a plan, budget and timeline, we get to work.

We film every single shot they want, interview all applicable parties and put it all together into a nice, wonderful masterpiece.

We give them access to our online database. That way, they can see our production in progress, and offer their thoughts as they see fit.


This is where we show clients a rough cut (aka rough draft) of their film. We will, of course, make all appropriate changes.

Once the masterpiece is crafted in its final form, we will coordinate with them the best marketing and distribution strategy.

That could take many forms — events, Google Ads, Social Media Ads, repackaging content, licensing / monetizing footage, etc. — but we will find the way that works best for them and their audience. We will cross-promote their efforts to maximize and optimize their impact.

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