Let’s Celebrate Disability. With Pride.

Here I pose with my friends and radio buddies James Boyd (left) and Will Gerard (right). We started the only adaptive-sport-specific radio program in the country. It was inspired by the sense of community and belonging we felt with the world-class wheelchair racers at the University of Illinois.


This is Ryan Wilson.

I’m the director of Team Trust Productions.

I have always found great meaning in handwriting personal letters.

It always seems more special, and I figured, at least digitally, I would write you one.

I have a disability, and I always hear complaints within the disability community about how inaccessible the world is; how programs do not work for them; and how people are not accommodating.

This makes me, one who treasures and advocates for the community, sad.

My friends, really, are in this never-ending battle for equality. 

It is the same in higher education, as programs, people and campuses are not what they should be.

In fact, the Cavalier Daily, the University of Virginia’s student newspaper, published an article on June 1 talking about how “the general attitude toward disability has created difficulties for the chronically ill and disabled population.”

The Daily Princetonian, out of Princeton, detailed in a June 7 article instances of university staff not accommodating students with disabilities.

“Physical accessibility is not the only issue that disabled students have faced …,” the article read. “Students report also experiencing a general lack of understanding from eating club staff and contracted security personnel about how the club can accommodate their needs.” 

An NBC News piece in 2020 addressed several problems students with disabilities are having at universities across the nation.

Above all, this quote from Wendy Harbour stood out. Harbour is the associate director for programs and development at the Association on Higher Education and Disability, a client of ours. 🙂

“In all these cases, the campus is meeting the accommodation request and is in compliance, but they really aren’t following the spirit of the law or helping students with disabilities feel welcome.”

But what if we changed the narrative?

What if we took a moment, or several moments, and honored, celebrated and felt pride in the disability community for all it has done and will do?

This is why I am writing, and this, I promise you, is what your students with disabilities and my friends need.

They would benefit and flourish from feeling heard, seen and understood. 

My team and I would like to work with you in celebrating your students with disabilities and their accomplishments.

They would benefit and flourish from feeling heard, seen and understood

My team and I would like to work with you in celebrating your students with disabilities and their accomplishments.

We would love to tell the stories of disabled student success in a series of films, and distribute (aggressively) across TV, signage and digital media.

We want persons with disabilities to see themselves in ads, in films, in success.

We will stretch this campaign across several months, and share stories on key days in the disability community, like Disability Pride Month.

We want to touch the hearts of as many persons with disabilities as possible: Current students, graduating high school students, and those continuing their education.

Moreover, we will create a landing web page where prospective students can visit to learn more about disability services and staff, and the accessibility of your campus.

This is what I needed when I started college, and it will make life easier for the next generation of leaders in the disability community.

Here’s to a brighter future,

Ryan Wilson

Celebrate the DISABILITY COMMUNITY. Cut off is JULY 15.

TEAM TRUST Is Your Source For Authentic, Disability Marketing Communications …

Team Trust was started from an idea from Ryan Wilson.

“How do I capture this sense of belonging I feel from my athlete friends with disabilities,” he thought.

And almost immediately after Team Trust was founded, companies and government agencies, large and small, joined our Team to better understand how to serve the largest minority in the world.

Team Trust has produced marketing communications all across the United States, and now Ryan and his team want to make sure the disability community of all ages feel they belong.


#1 We’ll Produce A Series of Films

We will produce a series of short films capturing your diverse student body.

These films will each be 1- to 2-minutes in length, and they will share real-life personal stories (i.e. awards, GPA, extracurricular success) of success.

They will share their achievements, and acknowledge, if applicable, struggles they have had reaching their goals.

We will distribute shorter cuts of the films on TV and via paid ads on digital and social media.

selective focus photography of dslr camera parts
Film equipment sits spread out on a table

#2 We’ll Make Everything Accessible for Everyone

The videos and associated marketing materials will be accessible for all.

The videos will include captions, audio descriptions and an American Sign Language interpreter.

Photos will have descriptions.

persons hand doing peace sign
A pink, red and blue hand signs “I Love You.”

#3 We’ll Create a Landing Page t Hold Valuable Information

We will create a landing page to hold your celebration of your students with disabilities.

This landing page will include testimonials from current students; links to your disability resource departments; contact info staff in the department, and links to disability related clubs and organizations.

Moreover, current students will offer advice for incoming students.

forced perspective photography of cars running on road below smartphone
A hand holds an iPhone. The screen turns into a road with cars.

Timeline …

Feb. 1, 2023, White Cane Week – release of film with visually impaired student

Feb. 28, Rare Disease Day – release film with student who has a rare disease

March 1, International Wheelchair Day – release of film with visually impaired student

March 1, Developmental Disabilities Month – release film with student who has a developmental disability

April 1, Limb Loss Awareness Month – release film of student who is missing a limb

May 1, Better Speech and Hearing Month – release film of student with a speech or hearing impairment

May 1, Mental Health Month – release film of student with mental illness

May 19, Global Accessibility Awareness Day

July 2023, Disability Pride Month – release longer (3 – 5 minutes) film. It will be a collection of all the anecdotes we have collected.


July 15 is the cut off for universities to enroll.

We won’t accept any new admissions after then.

We have been working on this project for a long time, and we already have many commitments.

We can’t keep adding onto our workload.

The schools that lock in now will be included in our much larger project on the disability community vis-a-vis higher ed.

This much larger project entails a longform documentary film that we will pitch to national distributors.

We want you and your students to be included this film.


The below campaigns inspired our creative thought process behind our desire to celebrate the disability community.

While the Microsoft video is specifically about disability, both celebrate the achievements and potential of minorities in authentic, easy-to-understand ways.


A woman with a helmet smiles.

Guarantee #1 – 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Each schools makes a 25% down payment for this project.

If you are not satisfied with our project or process within the first 30 days, we’ll give you all of your money back. No questions asked.

group of people huddling up
Hands come together

Guarantee #2 – Film Support

We will be by your side 24/7 for this project.

If you have any technical or personal questions about how to appropriate film persons with disabilities in the future, we will get back to you within one business day.

We are in this together.

Wheelchair racer Amanda McGrory strikes a “power pose,” while holding her pink racing chair

Guarantee #3 – 365-Day Guarantee

As you can expect, this project will take a while.

There is plenty to film, and we want to make sure we are getting the best shots and stories for you.

So, if after one year of working together you are still not pleased, we will refund your down payment.




Ryan produced this short film for the University of Illinois.

Ryan served as one of the key editors for this film that aired on the Big Ten Network.


You are welcome to arrange a brief, no-pressure, no-charge phone call with Ryan to discuss the project.

You can ask any question you may have, and you can certainly address concerns.

And don’t worry, he won’t pressure you to do anything.

We want you to feel comfortable with us and with this project.

We do want to be transparent with you from the get go: If you are not capable of investing $210,000, this project is not for you.

We apologize for the blunt remark, but we want to deliver top work for the disability community.

In order to do that, there is a high cost.


We know every penny you earn goes to furthering the academic, personal and professional lives of your students.

We treasure and respect that, trust us, and we acknowledge this project is not cheap.

That is why we are open to creative financing packages for this campaign: You can do monthly payments; bi-monthly payments; we can help you pursue grants; etc., etc.

The disability community deserves this campaign, and we want to help you bring their dream to life.