What Makes Us Different

There are tons of production companies out there. It can be hard to choose which is best for you, so here is how we work.

We know the disability community

We are constantly building new relationships with disability advocates, organizations and little-known change makers to make sure our content — and yours — speaks to the current and future needs and wants of the disability community.

We consistently listen to their problems, and identify ways we can best serve them.

Storytelling is a powerful tool for the disability community. Their stories are rarely nonjudgmentally heard and authentically shared, but when they are told, magic happens.

Those without disabilities gain a greater and deeper understanding of the human condition and of the largest minority in the world, the only minority that any person can join.

Additionally, the stories of the disability community teach us about how to help others. They teach us about listening, accomodating, accessibility and belonging.

These lessons are applicable to anyone.

So our work is crucial, and we take it very seriously.

We have lived experiences with a disability

There are many, many production companies out there. They do great work, and they unquestionably have good intentions.

But there is one key ingredient they are missing when it comes to telling the stories of the disability community: lived experience with a disability.

Our director, Ryan Wilson, has Osteogenesis Imperfecta. He has broken 50 to 60 bones, and has used a wheelchair, primarily a power chair, his entire life.

Ryan has befriended individuals with disabilities all over the world thanks to his work for the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee and the International Paralympic Committee.

He has heard stories of great success and great pain. He’s held Olympic and Paralympic medals, and he’s spoken with doctors in South Africa about the inaccessibility of their medical facilities.

Collectively, it opened his eyes to a more granular understanding of himself and the international disability community at large.

Ryan learned that the disability community craves someone with a disability sharing their stories.

They value being heard, seen and understood, and they feel more comfortable being vulnerable with a person with similar lived experiences.

They are tired of persons without disabilities casting the disability community as “inspirational,” “broken,” and needing fixed.

That approach never really worked. Listening nonjudgmentally has, and will continue to do so.

We are driven by a desire to celebrate and advocate for the disability community.

We know how to relate to the disability community, and create a safe space where everyone is welcome.

For the purposes of storytelling, we know how to ask the right questions, the ones that yield powerful, meaningful and authentic answers that resonate with your audience today, tomorrow and in the future.

Affordable prices for high-quality work

Let’s be honest: Price is important to you and us.

We understand.

We genuinely want to authentically tell your story of how you impact the disability community. We want those you serve to have their stories heard.

That is why we strive to find a price that is affordable to you and in the best interest of all parties.

When we talk about pricing, we always consider what you can realistically do.

It’s not about charging more and more. Many people do that already, and it’s unnecessary.

For us, it’s truly about the disability community, and how we can help in any way, shape or form.

And don’t worry, “affordable” pricing does not mean low quality.

We utilize the best gear — like RED cameras, boom mics, dollies — because those stories we tell demand the best quality possible.

Delivered in a timely manner

We all know videos can take time to create.

In fact, some Box Office hits took years, and it’s understandably so when you consider all of their moving parts.

We want to be respectful of your timeline. We understand you have products and services to promote and have KPIs to meet.

We have the capacity to turn videos around fairly quickly, like in a couple hours.

As you can imagine, the more complex the video or project, the more time it will take. 

We can’t exactly give you an average length on how long a video will take, but we always, from our very first conversation, discuss a timeline that works for you.

We do the work for you

More people of all ages are acquiring disabilities.

The reality is, disability will likely have some form of impact on your life.

A parent may start using a wheelchair; a friend may need your assistance with personal care; or a good friend may just need a slight accommodation.

As the population of persons with disabilities grows, so too will the demand and need to include them in your marketing.

If you are not including persons with disabilities in your marketing now, then you are behind.

The are many disability consultants and companies out there who will tell you how to feature your clients and customers with disabilities, but there are not many, if any at all, like ours where we will do the work for you.

Our director has a disability, and we have strong ties with the disability community.

We know what it is like to have a disability, and we know that persons with disabilities are tired of persons without disabilities crafting their stories.

The disability community is tired of being portrayed as “broken,” “inspirational,” or inferior.  

They just want to feel heard, seen and understood, and that’s what we bring to the table.

We bring perspective, knowledge and expertise unmatched by most productions companies to accurately and authentically celebrate and honor the disability community.

When you tell the stories of the disability community, the general population learns what discrimination (ableism) looks like; they will learn how to appropriately and effectively listen and accommodate; and they will gain a deeper, more empathetic lens through which to view the world.