Higher Ed.

Through our partnership with PS&L, we can help your university attract the right, qualified students, and help your prospective students and their families feel more comfortable that your university is right for them.

We will help you strike the hearts of your current and prospective students through the following services:

Content Creation

We will help create content that highlights how your university transforms students’ lives, and helps them live meaningful, connected lives.

We can create content for your various media — print, digital, direct marketing, admission recruitment packages — that accurately and clearly reflects your values and mission.

Digital Ad Support

We’ll lean into data to help deliver high-impact campaigns through effective use of SEO, web design and creative campaigns.

We’ll leverage traditional media, TV ads, email marketing and organic social media to meet students where they are in their process of finding the university that best fits their needs and wants.

We know the competition is tough, but we want to help you stand out though messaging that combines the facts of your offerings and the emotional benefits they yield.

Video and Film Production

For Team Trust, videos and films are our bread and butter.

Video is an extraordinarily powerful tool to reach your audience, captivate their attention and strike them emotionally through strong visuals and and an even stronger storyline.

We will, of course, bring out high-quality gear to tell your story in ways that will empower your audience to engage with and take some sort of action with your university.

PS&L’s Experience

PS&L has partnered the following universities in the past:

United States Coast Guard Academy

Des Moines University

Portland Community College

Texas A&M University Galveston Campus

Point Park University

Penn GSE Graduate School of Education

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