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Team Trust Productions

In 2017, buried in a winter wonderland called Winter Park, Team Trust was born. We were filming, among other things, trust as it is expressed between visually impaired alpine skiers and their able sighted.

We wanted to capture this sense of trust that allows these pairs to soar down ski slopes at 60-plus miles per hour. We want to learn what this “trust” felt like, how it originated, and how it grew overtime.

This was a phenomenal opportunity for all — crew and skies — to think deeply and introspectively about our own lives, and how trust has affected our quality of living.

Four people are visible in this black and white image. One person in the middle wears a bib that reads, "Blind Skier." Next to him, a man wears a bib that says, "Guide."

With this personal and interpersonal exploration, Team Trust was born out of a desire to continue to highlight and tell the stories of the disability community through films and marketing materials.

This content would be created for, by and with the disability community.

Team Trust Production was founded by a film crew with Ryan Wilson in 2017. They were filming trust as it is expressed between visually impaired alpine skiers and their able-bodied guides.

This allows the stories to accurately represent the experiences of those living with disabilities.

Team Trust has gone on to filming a nine-city adaptive mountain bike tour, producing a short film on a partnership between a community college and a hospital, and, most recently, producing a 30-minute docu-series on those living with disabilities.

Team Trust is based out of Colorado Springs, Co. and has crew nationwide. To ensure every person on our crew knows how to treat persons with disabilities as equals, everyone undergoes sensitivity training, where their stereotypes and misconceptions about the disability community are challenged.

Team Trust closely monitors all workers to make sure they do not default back to their preconceived notions when filming. Additionally, Team Trust creates focus groups and committees with people who have a range of disabilities.

To serve more people, Team Trust adds captions, audio descriptions and a sign language interpreter to its productions. The content then can be enjoyed by more people.

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