Limited: Let Our Lived Experience Enhance Your Public Standing With Disabled Students For FREE

It’s hard to understand experiences unlike your own, and it’s even harder when students and their parents have changing personalized needs. That’s why we’re offering to help you tell and understand the disability community like never before. We have only five spots and 30 days left.

A Feb. 9 article in The New York Times isn’t wrong.

Educators nationwide are struggling with students with disabilities. It is causing emotional and physical harm for students, and it was no different for our director, Ryan Wilson, who has a disability.

But Ryan forgives all who misunderstood him, though he did not forget.

We want to bridge the divide between those who have disabilities and those who do not in higher ed.

We believe this offer, without adding salt to any wounds, can help you create an authentic, transparent relationship with some of the most vulnerable students in the country.

We’ve added three parts to assist you from many angles.

We have only five FREE spots for the following offer. The offer expires March 9.

It help you prepare your marketing for National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) in October.

Part 1

We’ll listen to the many disability related stakeholders (students, alumni and professors with disabilities) in your community, and we’ll listen nonjudgmentally and objectively to their perspectives on your institution’s relationship with the disability community …

Is it good?

Is it bad?

What stands in the way of making it exceptional?

We’ll take detailed notes, and collect and organize the feedback confidentially.

Part 2

After we assemble this feedback, we’ll offer recommendations on how best to proceed.

Maybe you need to tweak the way you offer accommodations; adjust the way you’re collecting disability related complaints; educate yourself and your educators on different types of disabilities; upgrade your web accessibility; and more.

You will have a map for success, and it will be based off the data we collect.

Part 3

We’ll identify two to four students and alumni with disabilities who have found professional success as a direct result of your institution.

These individuals can be tremendous sources of pride for you, and we can consult on how to ethically, empathetically and respectfully tell their stories for your marketing purposes.

A group of men and women posing for a photo


Ryan is offering his speaking services for your institution completely for free.

He can share with you his life-changing experiences with athletes with disabilities, and he can share what it truly looks and feels like to help persons with disabilities.

Ryan can help you and your coworkers understand the nuances of the disability community, and he can help you learn how to become a better ally for the community.

He would usually charge a $10,000 fee for such an engagement, but not for the disability community.

Of course, if you ask him to travel, he will ask you to compensate him for such a fee.

Why is this ALL Free?

Why not?

Students with disabilities are dropping out at rapid numbers, because they don’t feel understood.

They don’t feel like you care.

And it makes sad.

The disability community is the largest minority in the world, and it’s growing.

You need to understand persons with disabilities before more students are harmed.

Before a student drops out.

Before you have a disability, and feel misunderstood yourself.

You are welcome to fill out the below form to discuss further, and we will get back to you shortly.